About Solver Tools

Solver Tools was created while keeping one goal in mind and that was to make games even more fun than they already are.

Hangman, Code Cracker, Yes or No wheel and Kahoot flooder are just a few games that we have already cracked and made software for. It is our goal to make sure that everyone enjoys these games and while doing so we try our best to make these cheats and cracks easy to use, full of features that might be useful to you and make sure that our software can be used on any device or OS.

Our website “solver tools” is all about creating software that solves games while at the same time you can enjoy the game with your friends. software created by us will help you crack the games, and this will lead you to have fun with your friends and family.

There are literally millions of ways you can use our software and do anything you want to in that game. Playing and solving game puzzles has never been easier than it is right now using our software.

About our software

The software that we provide to you guys was created by experts who know what they were doing and while creating the software for a specific game made sure that it worked with all of the latest updates of that specific game. No matter what version of that game you are using, or what device you are playing that game on, or going as far as the OS compatibility all versions are supported.

This is what makes this software the best of the best since it can be used anywhere, in any device, on game version because most people usually play games like these without updating since unless there are big changes there is nothing you have to worry about.

People are also concerned about this software since many websites and online service providers give similar software but most of the time they are nothing more than malware and viruses designed to destroy your device or steal confidential information from it.

But you do not need to worry about this because our software is risk-free, there is no virus of any kind hidden in the files and the best part is that our software does not get deducted by antivirus software like other cheats software do.

Whenever you will use a cheat or cracks most of them get deducted by anti-viruses in your device like the windows defender and unless you risk the safety of your device you cannot use them but we have designed a completely safe and risk-free software which is why there will be no red flags whatsoever.

You do not have to take our word for it, you can test our Solver Tools and make sure you are satisfied by what we are providing you.

The games cheats and cracks we have are exclusive, can hardly be found anywhere in the realm of the internet and the best part about them is that they are easily accessible to anyone on any device.