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Crash Kahoot Servers With Bots

Use our Kahoot flooder bot to crash the game with tons of bot players. This tool works without any registration required.

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Flood Kahoot Rooms with Our Crash Bot

Kahoot is an amazing website built for the sole purpose of making learning more fun and interactive for students. Kahoot uses games to help students learn difficult things and it makes it really easy for them to do so.

Now Kahoot is an open user-based platform meaning that almost anyone can join the game and play it with you. This means you can add bots easily to the game that will quite literally fill out the entire game lobby and can even crash the game at your say, it is quite literal to say that the whole game room is at your mercy.

Now to do the following you need a Kahoot flooder bot tool, which is not just any bot spammer but a good one that goes past the detectors making it really easy for you to do whatever you want to in the game.

There are many uses that the bot spammer has and we will explore every single one of them here but do that you should probably understand how Kahoot works and how the spammer will function.

Kahoot bot online for flooding servers

The Basics of Kahoot & How The Bot Spam It

Kahoot is an amazing game-based learning platform and you can use it to create your own trivia and games, there are different rooms that can be created while using this platform and each room has its own unique pin that the administrator holds, now you can give that pin to anybody you want and they can join your room.

This is how the game is created and a restriction on who can join is set but if you have the pin you can quite easily add the bots using our amazing Kahoot flooder bot tool.

The room created is controlled by the administrator and Kahoot website who will handle the backend functionality of bringing in the questions and presenting them in an eye-catchy format.

There are no passwords needed, all you need is the unique room key and you will be logged in to the game. Now after you have logged in there are a couple of things that you need to be careful about, like the people who have joined in, if the room has 2FA authorization and things like these since they are most important information needed when working with bot flooder for Kahoot.

Send A Whole Army of Bots

If you are logged in you can easily use our tool to send in a whole army of bots that can be commanded by you, they will perform the action you tell them to and you will not have to worry about anything. You can create different sets of bots that can be controlled separately by you and you can make them do different things.

Adding the bots is quite easy, all you have to do is enter the unique pin of the room you are logged into or the room you want to crash. Then enter the number of bots you want and enter the number series of those bots since it will be easier to name in the sequence.

For example, you enter the pin then enter the number of bots you want (let’s take 5 for the sake of example) and you name them orange, so now the bots will be named as orange-1, orange-2, orange-3 and so on till orange-5. This way you can name them whatever you want, you can even create separate groups as we explained earlier.

The actions of those can be controlled like you can tell them to choose answers at random and the bots you just gave the command to will for sure choose to answer irrespective of whether they are right or wrong.

Now you can tell a group of bots to choose answers at random, you can tell other groups of bots to answer wrong on purpose; basically you can alter the test results of percentages and placements at your will of the whole game.

Find & Solve All Answers

You can also find out all the answers just as easily since all the answers are already present there in the coding, our amazing Kahoot bot can show you those answers with ease and you can get all the answers right with little to no learning at all.

The coding is done by Kahoot game maker and no one can hide the features like making the right answer appear green and we detect things like this and present the answers to you so that you can enjoy your time doing things you want to.

This way we also control our bots to make them answer incorrectly or correctly on purpose; there are so many things that you can do with these bots and the list just goes on and on.

Take Down Servers Easily

Crashing a game has never been easier before, all you have to do is just enter the number of bots you want (the number should be big enough that the server crashes) and the server will start to collapse under the immense pressure of so many participants.

The server load and how big the game determines how many bots it takes to run down a server, but you can always add more so you do not need to worry about it.

Additional Information

Because of things like these the Kahoot has upgraded their bot finder by using a simple 2FA authorization but we also can crack it with a little effort and time so you won’t have to worry about things like these.

Our bots can break through the hoops they throw at them thinking only humans can pass through but our bots can answer these questions correctly, and we do that by answering with every possible combination of numbers and until we get it right we keep on trying.

Things like these can make not loading in a game take some time so if you are patient then bots will be added in no time. Our free Kahoot flood bot is probably the best one ever made because of how easy it is to use and its features so make sure you use it and have fun with it because that’s why it was made.